A lot of people throw hate upon hate but this is the wrong way to deal with it. More hate makes sure that the whole scene will escalate.

Don’t hate

A lot of people throw hate upon hate but this is the wrong way to deal with it. More hate makes sure that the whole scene will escalate. You’re using precious energy and what for? You should preserve your energy and use it to do something more useful.  You could use it do to my busy people training routine or to do whatever you like. I realized this while I was doing Brazilian Ji Jitsu (BJJ for the friends). I was sparring and they used my own energy against me. That really sucked but I learned some lessons there.

The first one is that you always should use your energy wise and the second one is that this was applicable in real life. It was like the time that I linked The Revenant to real life. Some people read the post and told me that it made sense. They just hadn’t thought about it. Note that you’ll have to get out of your comfort zone to do this effectively but you won’t regret it.

People don’t realize that your mind is a really powerful tool. Hate detroys you from the inside out. You’ll become extremely unhappy when you’re adding ever more hate upon a situation.

You’ll do dumb things because unhappiness makes people do crazy stupid shit.

Hate, let it go once and for all

So what do you do when people start to hate? You just let it go. It’s a normal reaction to hate back but let it pass. It’s a bit like in BJJ where you use people their own power against them. Just let them hate on you and let them do it till they’re tired. It’s not their fault that they’ve got a hateful personality. You’ve got the power to react how you want so why don’t you ignore them? They start hating more and more and eventually they’ll be exhausted. Suddenly they’ll leave you alone. Doesn’t it sound great? They’ll probably try it again in the future but don’t give in. Keep on ignoring them. They’ll have to try something else to approach you. After a while they’ll become even friendly.

You have to pick your opponent apart by using as less energy as possible. But what if I really can’t handle the hate anymore? Use this breathing technique, it beats anxiety but it also clears your mind in no time.

Well fighting and life seem to have a lot more in common than we think.

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