Are you grateful every single day? Most people aren’t since they’re already angry and depressed as soon as they get up. Being grateful is also extremely hard since most people don’t see the point in doing so. They don’t understand how powerful it actually is. But most people don’t even get how powerful forgiveness can be so you shouldn’t be surprised here. Sounds great Alex. What other things do I need to know? Well:

Respect is a thoughtful act

Sorry is the most overvalued word there is.

But let’s get back to the subject now. Let’s take a look at gratitude and why most people just can’t be grateful at all.

Being grateful keeps negativity at bay

You can’t be grateful and depressed simultaneously. It’s literally impossible. Just try it. Most of you will still feel depressed since most people are experts at sweating the small stuff. I’ve once heard a person claim that it was impossible to be happy when the weather wasn’t great. I’m guessing that that person wasn’t pleasant to be around during winter. You should become a cold warrior instead of a warm worrier. Stop sweating the small stuff since it’s a waste of time. You’ll never be able to appreciate the good if you can’t accept the bad. You’ll end up with a life full of problems which you can’t control anymore. Your life will turn into a drama rollercoaster and it ain’t a fun ride.

You’re not grateful? You keep positivity away

I recently witnessed a beautiful sky so I took a picture and it on social media (you can see the picture on my Instagram). Later that evening I was attending a party and one of the guests saw the picture. The girl who was standing next to her glanced at it and immediately said something negative about it. I didn’t take it personal since she didn’t know any better. She was constantly glancing at her own phone so it wasn’t a surprise that she wouldn’t like it. A picture of a beautiful sky would never impress her. But she didn’t look that happy to be honest. I saw that sky and was really grateful for the opportunity. I just watched it and didn’t want to leave to the party.

So I even stopped on my way to the party and watched it a little bit more. It was pretty relaxing to see but most people neglect these things. They’re depressed because they’re social media zombies without a purpose in life. Those are the people that do nothing but engaging in small talk or things that boost their own ego. I hate small talk, I really do. I don’t get what the fuss is all about.

Being grateful, the power of now and the fact that you attract what you are

I like being present in the moment since you notice things that most people don’t. Most people’s head are filled with insecurities and problems when they’re not looking at their phone. They constantly try to escape reality which does more harm than good. So are you surprised that you didn’t see things like a beautiful sky? You didn’t notice it because you weren’t and still aren’t present in the moment. I mean you’re probably reading this blog while you’re looking at a YouTube video and your Facebook notifications simultaneously. The same goes for anything else in life. You’ll missout on a lot of  opportunities if you can’t stop staring at your square device. You call me old fasioned all you want but it is what it is.

You attract what you are and you’re not grateful

I won’t claim that you attract bad weather but you’ll notice it quicker then when the weather is nice. Some people just find a reason to complain in everything. But you’ll miss out on more than just a beautiful sunset. Your friends and girlfriend will just be like you. Can you guess how this ends? You’ll be engaged in multiple toxic relationships but you’ll never learn a single lesson. Your ego will prevent that you even learn the lesson. You can’t complain that you’ve got bad friends. Become a better person instead and show gratitude for the fact that you’ve learned a lesson. You’ll attract new more positive friends after a while and you’ll be set to learn a new lesson. That’s what life is all about. Its one big test and most people don’t seem to pass it at all.

They don’t get it because they’ve lost their ability to think overtime.

I had a lot of bad friends in the past. Most of them didn’t do that well in school as well. We complained about the same stuff and did the same dumb stuff. Can you guess how many of those people still talk to me? None, zero, nada. But I’m grateful because I learned a lot in that period. It just took me a while to realize it.

Being grateful vs fake positivity

People want to be optimist but in reality they’re not. So how do you spot the difference? There are people who get out of a relation and claim that they’re glad that it’s over. They throw some hate towards their ex and people fall for this act. It’s freaking stupid in my opinion. Why would you hate an ex? Be grateful for the opportunity and learn the lessons that you need to learn. You can even be grateful for the good time that you had together. Focus on the positive and learn from the negative. Playing an act isn’t alpha behavior; you’re just part of our modern pussy generation.

Normal people still bore the shit out of me. They really make life seem like a struggle but it’s all a matter of perception. All your made up excuses will get you nowhere. Perception really defines ones reality but that my friends if a subject for a future blogpost. I’ll release it tomorrow.

So what did we learn today? A lot I know but you can summarize this blog in one sentence.

Be grateful every single day since it keeps negativity away.

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