Men take out your notebook and start taking notes because I’m going to debunk a common belief. You should be a good guy instead of a nice guy. Good guys are actually great guys. They do everything with a pure intention. For example: complementing a girl because she actually looks good and not because they’re trying to sleep with her. They’re basically the opposite of the nice guy. I don’t like guys who act like the nice guy, to be honest. They’re a disgrace to all men. They’re the ones that you should eagerly avoid because they mostly get nothing but a bad reputation. It takes a long time to build up a good one but it only takes a few seconds to make a bad one. 

The good guy vs the nice guy: the nice guy isn’t nice.

Nice guys are complete assholes but most people just don’t realize it. They do everything for a girl which sounds nice, doesn’t it? There’s just one little catch which most people don’t seem to notice. They’re only nice against beautiful girls with who they want to sleep. The sad part is that it doesn’t end there. They get passively aggressive if they don’t get what they want. Do you get why I call them assholes? Their behavior is pathetic and I really don’t want to be friends with someone who looks down on women who’re less beautiful in his opinion. I have two things to say to those guys.

  1. Little boy: shut up, step up and man the fuck up
  2. Read books and forget about the looks

A good relationship needs a solid base and the fact that someones beautiful isn’t a good base. Physical attraction is something for toddlers. Grown men know better. Take your dates slow and see what happens. I rather date a less beautiful girl with a great personality than an extremely beautiful girl that has nothing to offer. Most people never seem to realize it or at least way too late.

The good guy vs the nice guy: no more mister nice guy.

Enter the good guy. The good guy treats everybody with respect. He treats every girl the same if he’s single and makes sure that he does effort when he dates. His primary aim isn’t to score or whatever guys try these days. He wants to build up a solid base and eventually start to build a future together with the girl he dated. The good guy treats basically everybody with respect. He treats a big CEO and a janitor just the same. They’re both humans. They both try to provide food for their family. The latter just makes less money in a year. That doesn’t mean that he’s less worthy.

Sometimes I even wonder if women know the difference.

So to all the good guys: keep doing what you’re doing. You’ll meet the one eventually.

To all the nice guys: please get some dignity and change your life. You act like little boys and your behavior is far from alpha. The pick- up society made you assume that you were doing the right thing. The sad part is that you’re doing the wrong thing. Chasing women is the worst thing that you can do! Oh and learn to handle rejection like a gentleman!

The good guy: in conclusion

In conclusion: nice guys are pussies and nobody will take them serious as a result of their own behavior.

That’s all.

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