Do you play the lottery? Most people do and they do it because they want to be a rich bitch. They want to have a lot of money but they don’t want to work for it. They want to stay in their comfort zone but they want to be rich as well. It doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t matter what you think about winning the lottery because you’ll be fucked. There will pop up multiple problems and you won’t be able to handle them. You’ll do dumb things due to unhappiness and live unhappily ever after. Most people would use the money to travel, buy expensive things and so on. You don’t need that much luxery when you travel. Money can’t buy you happiness but more on that later.

Yes I would give it all away if I would win the lottery

Fun fact: I don’t play the lottery and would never do it as well. My delusional mind makes me appreciate everything where I work for. I don’t want anything where I didn’t work for. That’s just me following my gut feeling. So I label those things as a curse because nothing worth having comes easy. I always had this mindset to be honest. I was one of the few guys that didn’t score drunk girls every weekend. Some found it weird but I didn’t see the fun in it because it didn’t matter what you said, they kissed you anyway. I just didn’t want to trap the wounded girls. Besides there’s nothing more satisfying than extremely hard work.

So I would give everything to charity. Tons of people told me that I was crazy and that they would want the money. They don’t deserve it in my opinion. They’re just looking for the easy way out and it’s a temporary fix. It doesn’t fix a single thing. Besides you’ll win tons of money but you’ll lose all the rest. Most people just never take a look at that part of the story. Their eyes are filled with dollar bills and not with what the lottery kills.

You’re fucked as soon as you win the lottery

Imagine that you’ve won the lottery. Best day of your life isn’t it? Most people wouldn’t make it public but you can’t hide the fact that you’ve made tons of money. You can’t tell people that you suddenly wear expensive stuff because you received a promotion. You would be extremely dumb to use that excuse. Right I forget that most people get dumb and dumber after the age of 23. Do whatever you want since you’re still cursed. It doesn’t matter if you make it public or not because people will find out and guess what will happen. They’ll all ask you money. So you pick a few people or no one at all. Long story short you’ll lose friends because they’re offended that you didn’t share some of your money. It’s the same for family. You’ll lose them all because most people only care about money.

Winning the lottery doesn’t sound so fun anymore doesn’t it. I realize that some people will claim that they don’t need friends when they’re rich. Good point but I’m not done yet. It’s about to get really ugly. You’ll lose everything and I mean literally everything. That doesn’t sound fun in my opinion.

The lottery will make you lose your mind

You’ll go crazy as soon as you know that you’re going to recieve a big amount of money. It’s just surreal and you won’t be able to process it. It’s just too much for your brain. Your testosterone will go up and you’ll have no clue what’s happening. So you lost all your friends and you mind, I can’t get any worse can it? Well it can. This blog post is far from over.

The lottery will make you lazy and will make you lose all your money again

People with a lot of money have the tendency to become lazy. They buy a big house, a big boat, tons of cars, travel the world. They’ll focus on fun and not on what they should focus on. Lottery winners are cursed just like most kids with rich parents. They forget that most money goes out but it doesn’t come in so you’ll get back to your normal life after a couple of years. You have no clue how you should handle money so you’re screwed. Only people who build their own brand, company,… know how to handle money. You should read Rich Dad Poor Dad if you’re serious about learning how to handle money.  Buy it here.

It must suck because you’ll have lost everything. You’ll have no friends, family or money. You’ll maybe even have a divorce. Are you sure that you still want to play? You do? Well I hate to be a deal breaker but there’s more.

The lottery won’t bring you happiness

Let’s be honest most people have problems and some even have big issues. It’s normal that you’ve got problems in life but it’s all about how you handle them. Most people are the endless victims and assume that money will bring nothing but happiness.  So they win a lot of money but their personal problems remain unresolved. They buy tons of fancy stuff just to impress others. Will it make you feel good? Yes but it will make you feel good like a piece of cake does. You’ll like it as long as you can eat it but you’ll cry as soon as it’s gone. It’s just momentary happiness because it’ll become normal after a while.

People don’t get themselves and that’s the root of all problems. Money can’t buy you happiness, it has to come from inside of you. Buy a new house, watch, car,… because you really want it and not to impress others. But you’ve got to work for it. I’ve got a friend who worked extremely hard for his Mustang. He earned it and he doesn’t use it to impress others. More people should be like that but most people can’t handle the one thing that they need too. They can’t handle their own ego and that’s what will get them into trouble time after time.

The lottery will make sure that you attract the wrong people

I’ve got a quote that sums up the whole issue at once:

People never want to be part of the process, but they want to be part of the outcome. The process is where you figure out who’s worth being part of the outcome

There’s no process when you’ve won the lottery. You went from rag to riches in no time and everybody will be your friend or pretend to be your friend. They’ll drop you as soon as you’ve lost all your money. The people will please you in any way possible. They’ll boost your ego and you’ll be overconfident in no time. You won’t be happy when you receive the inevitable reality check. People who got rich at a slow pace mostly have good surroundings.

The lottery and the meaning of life

I wrote a post about the meaning of life a long time ago. Long story short life’s a test and it’s full of distractions. Most people can’t handle the distractions anymore in this day and age since there are just too many. The lottery is just one of those distrations since it makes sure that you don’t focus on what you should be focusing. You’ll play the lottery till you’re dead and that’s when you’ll face the first signs of regret.

Most future lottery winner will treat this blog as a joke but they will end up broke.

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