Welcome to generation Walpha, the generation that claims to be alpha. The sad reality is that they’re not. Their behavior can be labeled as Walpha aka Wannabe alpha. Those guys mostly have had a bad experience or bad relation and they become frustrated. The other option is that they just need to boost their self-esteem. The reason doesn’t matter because their intention is the same: they act like this from a selfish perspective. They chase women like a boss and they are extremely needy. Women don’t like needy men so they ignore you or dump you right on the spot which makes you even more frustrated.

These so-called pick up artists are pretty wrong when it comes to women. They’re missing the whole point. I’ve read one book from a pick up artist (I’ll go into depth in a minute) because I wondered how these guys managed it. I can tell you that it was an entertaining book but I never read another pick up book again.

In order to make this post, I watched some of their YouTube channels in order to get an insight into the pick -up artist world. I get why it works but I can get you a lot of examples why it doesn’t work either. The videos were also extremely boring after a while.

Generation Walpha: the pick up book

I forget how I found this book but I read it about one month before I realized that I was depressed. I read the book and I thought this shit is amazing. The guy sleeps with almost every girl that he meets. I read the whole book and you know how much I used to the whole book? Nothing, I didn’t use a single pick up line from the book. I still remember a lot from the whole book and now more than a year later I realize that the book is full of crap and Walpha advice.

This book thinks that women are dumb (they’re not, they smell your act from a mile away). It’s easy to pick up since they mostly hit on drunk women or make them drunk(fewer boundaries). It doesn’t work in the long run since you’ll expose yourself pretty soon (try it, you’ll end up alone pretty soon again).

The book is a freaking step by step process you’ve got to follow

The book has about 150 pages full of rules and exceptions. It’s like following a yes or no chart full of options but does this sound real to you? How can you enjoy a date when you’re constantly thinking about how you should behave? It’s freaking dumb and not authentic at all. You have to sit in that position, touch here there (it’s like playing naval battle. Touch on B,3 to hit the sweet spot), don’t stay too long in the same place.

The book has so many rules and exceptions that you’ve almost have to carry it with you to do it perfectly. There’s just one problem: what do you do after the whole plan? You just played a whole act which might have succeeded but suddenly you’re out on your own. I give it a week after that maybe longer if you’re lucky. There will be a lot of drama that’s for sure.

Generation Walpha: it’s a freaking scam.

Besides all the rules you’ve got to realize that those YouTube channels are a scam. They only show you once that they actually succeed. Going out in group to hit on girls in public is a bit weird as well if you ask me.

It’s like a nature documentary: the alpha lures at his pray from behind the bushes to attack whenever the target is paying less attention. He goes in for the kill….. National Geographic would approve this kind of comments.

Hitting on girls while you’re wearing sunglasses is weird especially if you’re in a club. Why do you need to hide your face if you’re confident? There’s also a reason why they pick up the ones who’re pretty drunk, it’s a lot easier. We know it but women know it as well.

Are you already getting why it’s called generation Walpha?

Generation Walpha: it doesn’t solve the real issue

Guys who’re picking up these books/ courses want to be liked by all women (guilty as charged) but not every girl can like you that’s just a fact. It displays the fact that you’ve got low self- esteem and would do everything to get the approval of women (been there done that).

The pick up artist will tell you that women like an alpha male (that’s 100% true) but he has to be a real alpha and not a Walpha. You don’t become alpha by learning some cocky lines. You don’t become alpha by claiming that you’re alpha. A real alpha male knows who he really is and doesn’t need the approval of others. You won’t hear them claim that they’re alpha.

So women really want an alpha male/bad boy

Yes, women really like those guys. It’s just something genetically predetermined. They want to have the healthiest guy in order to have a good offspring. I noticed that most women like books where a hero (aka the bad boy) meets a girl. The girl falls in loves and so on. In the end, the hero stays a bad boy but he’s committed to her. They leave happily ever after or they die.

The sales of these books have increased over the last couple of years and should we really be surprised by this fact? Guys have less testosterone than 100 years ago so girls are constantly looking for a hero. They don’t find one in real life so they go and look for them in the books.

Women want to real deal and not the fake deal. Well actually nobody knows what women want, even science is still trying to crack the code to what they really want.

Generation Walpha: it triggers feminism

I’m not going to go into feminism once again. So I have a solution.

Strive for equality and not the price of the best gender. The discussion ends here.

These Walphas put women on a pedestal and do everything to please them. But then the inevitable rejection comes and just don’t get why this has occurred. The worst case scenario is that they’ll try to convince the girl otherwise.

That’s why some girls claim that there are no good men left in the world. Men claim the same about women by the way. I’ve heard multiple guys claiming that all the good girls are taken.

You know what the worst part is? Women think you’ll hit on them even when you’re just trying to be friendly. Approaching a girl to ask the road could end up with a short answer that goes like “don’t even try it, buddy.” You would almost feel guilty for being lost in a city you don’t even know.

I know that there are a lot of guys who’re doing things for a reason like buying women a drink to make sure that you talk to them. BUT not every guy is like that. There are guys who make their intentions clear from the start. Playing mind games is something that only the Walphas do.

Yeah, it’s complicated, that’s the least we can say.

But there’s more…

Some guys got to the point where they realized that putting women on a pedestal didn’t really work out. So they were looking for an alternative and they went in the right direction but somehow didn’t do the right thing. They probably suffered a big blow to the head or something because their way of thinking is stupid.

These guys found out that women like alphas so they acted like they were superior to women (not really alpha behavior). They think that you can seduce a woman when you make her feel less about herself. This looks like the new deal since guys really overreact when a woman turns him down. They get aggressive and tell her that she’s a dumb bitch and that he wasn’t interested anyway.

Class move buddy, you react like a toddler who just lost his lollipop. It’s immature and silly. I mean what do you expect? That she likes you after that act? That isn’t going to happen in a million years.

I rather am the guy that approached a girl and got rejected but wished her a good night. I don’t want to act like the members of generation Alpha. There’s nothing wrong with being rejected. The fact that you can’t handle a rejection tell a lot about you. It tells your surroundings that you’re needy and insecure about yourself.

The weird part is that most guys don’t get that it doesn’t work that way. I don’t get why you should try the same thing over and over again if it doesn’t work. It’s stupid and shows that you’re just not willing to get out of your precious comfort zone.

Generation Walpha: they all claim to have the golden line or technique

There is no golden pickup line and there is no technique that will give you a 100% success rate. It’s really strange that I’ve got to explain that some women like you and others don’t. That’s life, just deal with it and you’d better accept it.

Anyway, these guys claim that they’ll make sure that you get out of the friend zone, sleep with models, sleep with women who’re in a relation. It’s all bullshit. A girl who’s in a relationship will only cheat if she’s really unhappy and likes you but not because you’ve done this or said that.

So what’s better than be a part of generation Walpha?

Go and look for the real you. Try to become your best- self and you’ll suddenly meet more interesting women (no they won’t all want to date you) but it’s better than being a part of the Walpha male herd.

I basically gave you free advice on why you should spend your money on self- development books instead of pick ups books.

You should read Meditations if you’re serious about becoming a better version of yourself. Read here why.

You can buy the book here.

I’m not going to wait till they hate

In the past, I had a lot of hate after I released some posts. Especially the post about the fact that I stopped drinking alcohol. Mostly I wrote a follow-up post just to show how much I cared about their opinion. But this time I wanted to take a different approach. I write a short follow up before they’re even able to start hating.

So they could claim that they get laid a lot more than me. That’s 100% true, but what’s the point in getting laid a lot if you’re just playing an act.

They could claim that they’re helping insecure men get better at approaching women. Sounds great but do they really get better? Constantly hitting on drunk girls is not the hardest thing in the world. Both of you are standing in a loud crowded place. Do you think that she really hears all your jokes?

They could claim that they’re learning them day game. There’s a difference with approaching one girl in the coffee bar because she glances at you or approaching almost every woman on a public square.

They will claim that their behavior is that of an Alpha male but that’s wrong. It’s part of the generation Walpha lifestyle.

An ending in style: forget about generation Walpha

You should make the rules and beat the fools. You shouldn’t be a fool that follows every single pick up rule.

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