Have you ever followed your gut feeling? Most people are mostly doing the opposite of what they’re supposed to do. Or they do what others tell them to do. I covered this briefly in the post where I shared tons of life lessons but here I am once again. Your gut feeling will bring you happiness but it often leads you difficult paths. I dropped out of college after following my gut feeling and it wasn’t easy. Most people assume that your taking the easy road but it was a lot harder than most people imagined. I just didn’t care because I always beat the adversity that I had to face. The gut is always right and that’s something what most people don’t seem to get.

The reason why most people don’t follow their gut feeling

Well it’s not that hard to be honest. It takes you out of your comfort zone and most people can’t handle the stress that comes with it. It’s actually not that hard but most people are scared to death to do it. But there’s more. Most people would stand out if they followed their gut feeling. You would do the things that you really want to do. You would stop following the herd and guess what. It’s scary as well. Society doesn’t like it and teaches you to listen to your rational brain instead. I mean my gut feeling mostly tells me 2 things.

  1. break the rules and beat the fools
  2. make the rules and beat the fools

Most people follow all the guidelines and they are often frustrated that they never got what they asked for. You will never become great if you’re focusing following the rules. People get annoyed when others don’t follow the rules and still get result. I remember a converation where someone told me that he hated Conor McGregor because he didn’t follow the general rules (fights with his hands down, wide stances,….). Well Conor is the champ champ and the other guy didn’t have a great mma career. He got knocked out by someone who…. broke the rules by fighting in his own unique style.

You can complain all you want but if it works it works. It’s really that easy.

It works because….

Most people don’t get why it works but it’s extremely simple. People who break the rules have an unique style that you just can’t copy. It’s something new and that’s why most people can’t handle it. Most people hate new things and don’t want to accept it. They accept it as soon as it becomes mainstream but it mostly doesn’t become mainstream. You can achieve a lot in life once you’re able to understand this. Hating on the people who actually break the rules will make you bitter and will hold you back.

You see life is a game and some people understand it. Just realize that I understand it as well and even better. So you either do what 99% of the people do but don’t bitch about it when others achieve more. Or you follow you gut feeling, break tons of rules and become part of the 1%.

The gut feeling and meeting the one

A lot of single people are looking for the one these days. We’re brainwashed by tons of movies but that doesn’t matter in the end. Most people are extremely unhappy and their actions are just the result of how they feel. They do extremely dumb shit due to their unhappiness. Most people get on tons of dates but never seem to find the one so they settle down for less. That’s one of the biggest mistakes that you will ever make. You’ll end up divorced with 2 kids in your mid 40’s. Most people don’t want to end up alone and that’s where it goes wrong.

They want to be with someone even when their gut feeling is telling them to stop dating that person. Can you guess how these people feel as soon as they’re single? Miserable, depressed and they hate their ex off course. It’s sad, it’s extremely sad. Just follow your gut feeling and you’ll see that meeting the one isn’t that hard. You might meet that one girl tomorrow or maybe within a couple of months. The when doesn’t really matter. What really matters is that you put some effort into it that you’re not losing her.

The opinion of others

Oh and fuck the opinion of other people. There are guys who reject a girl because others don’t find her that attractive. Why would you turn someone down based on the opinion of others? That girl can make you extremely happy and they can bitch about it all they want. You’re dealing with boys when they’re portraying that kind of behavior. 

My gut feeling vs my mind

Your mind is a lot stronger than your body but you mostly have to deal with two thoughts at once. Let me explain. I have a knee injury for about two months now. So I couldn’t kick properly with my right leg due to this injury. I sprained my wrist and my big toe in sparring yesterday. So I did what most people wouldn’t do. I kept on sparring. My doctor would kill me if he finds out. My monkey brain told me to stop sparring but my gut told me to keep on doing it. So I kept on doing it.

Most people tend to follow their monkey brain because it’s the easy way out and what society want’s you to do. I just do the opposite. So I push on when times get tougher. I love it because you’ll always come out stronger.

You can’t make mistakes when you’re following the rules. The rules prevent you from becoming a better person.

So do what you want to do instead of what others force you to do.

Follow your gut or you’ll get stuck in a rut.

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