I want to ask you one simple question: do you feel cheated by life? Simple question but hard to answer right? Let fire another question for the ones who answered yes: did life cheat on you or did you cheat on yourself?  The second question is a bit harder to answer but don’t worry by the end of this blog post you’ll be able to answer it

I want to ask you one simple question: do you feel cheated by life? Simple question but hard to answer right? But was it really life that cheated you?

Do you feel cheated?

Let’s go back to the root of your existence. We were all created by one sperm cell and one ovum. We all come from the same principle but not everybody ends the same. When you’re little everything is cool because there’s so much to discover. Life feels like a joy because you’re free in a certain way and you can play around and discover the whole wide world. You don’t have any goals in life because you don’t know those yet. You just dream about becoming something you really want and think you’ll get there one day. Life goes on and you start to go to school and make new friends. There’s still not a single cloud at the bright sky you’re looking at. But suddenly you’ve got to perform in order to get to primary school.

You only have to beat one opponent in life and most people aren’t aware of this.

Primary school: you didn’t feel cheated back then

In primary school you’re learned to do your very best because this will give you a solid future. Forget about your dreams and just study well they tell you. So you just do what you’re told and get on with life. You slowly start to progress on the ladder. Everybody is climbing the same ladder but all at their own pace. You just need to get up and get in the grades.

High school: you felt cheated like everybody else?

You work your but of and suddenly you get what you’ve always wanted. You’re one step closer to college and university. Your six years away from tons of parties, girls and booze. Sounds too good to be true. You’re still motivated and do your very best to proceed to the top of the ladder. It’s sometimes a lot harder than you’ve imagined since you’ve got more responsibilities to take care of. You need to do more on your own now.

Some get sick of it after six years, drop out and go to work while others finally get to the last steps of the ladder. I have to admit that I really considered to skip college and look for a job at that time. But for some weird reason I enrolled in college.

College or university: life and people cheat on us

In college/university people start to drop out. They aren’t with many but there are some drop outs over the years. People who just don’t like to study and go find a job. Others try to do something else in college. These are the crucial years since you’re developing your personality. Some people aren’t really developing since they only are looking for the fun.

The others just keep on pushing till they make it.  They go out a lot and enjoy their time because every adult claims that this period is the best of your life. This is the period that you should enjoy the most according to them. It’s all downhill from there. So you maybe study for second or even third degree before you go to work.

You finally go to work: who cheated who?

Now you’re into the big wide world but you soon got hit by the struggle for success. Suddenly you realize that you’ve climbed a ladder in order to reach to a new one. You keep trying but before you know it you end up in your mid 40’s with the same job or a “better job” but with more work. In the worst case you’ll work overtime and even at home. You wake up and tell yourself “fuck I’ve arrived and didn’t progress a bit since I left college/university. You feel the same but you feel cheated, cheated by life. It all started so good and now you’ve been cheated. You’re constantly depressed and negative, you can’t kickstart your day. 

Some of your friends who dropped out turn into millionaires while you’re stuck with the bills, a divorce and so on. Life has become a struggle and that’s no way of living.

The inevitable midlife crisis

It’s inevitable that you going to face a midlife crisis when you haven’t been true to the real you. Being fake your whole life is exhausting and you’ll burn out. In the end you’ll do dumb things like getting a tattoo, getting a divorce to marry a younger woman and so on. Unhappiness makes people do crazy dumb shit. They all regret it in the end and they’ll never found the real them. They all change things they don’t have to change (wife, appearance, car…) and forget that they are the ones that need to change. They need to become their best self instead of being lazy.

Those guys are easy victims for the pick up artist industry but let me tell you something. Pick up artists are pussies and a scam.

Invest in yourself and some quality books and you’ll never have to face a midlife crisis. Meditations is a great book to start with.  (read here why)

So what’s the lesson here?

You were always living somewhere else, your living ahead but once you’ve arrived the same scenario occurs. You’re already living in the next future and again living ahead. You’re never able to enjoy life and that’s why you feel tricked.  It’s sad that you’re always following what everybody else tells you to do and that’s why you can’t enjoy life. That’s right you’re just a sheep that followed the herd.

You can’t live at all if you can’t live fully today.

So ask yourself did life trick you or did you trick yourself?

An announcement: you won’t feel cheated

I’ll turn 24 tomorrow, I still have a whole life ahead of me I know. Tomorrow I’ll release a post about all the lessons that I learned since my birthday last year. I learned more than 365 lessons to be honest so I’m only sharing the ones that will be applicable to everyone. Stay tuned it’s a big one.

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