I mentioned that boys make excuses while men don’t (read it here). Now I’m going to dive a little bit deeper into this subject. People like to come up with excuses for literally everything. Even things like IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) sounds like an excuse to me. This makes sure that you can eat French fries all day as long if it fits your macros. It’s a new popular diet these days. It’s just an excuse to eat unhealthy and be in shape. I can guarantee you that your health will suffer in the long run. Why don’t you just eat a cheat meal instead? You’ll enjoy it a lot more. Just remember that moderation is the key.

Excuses make sure that you’ll never grow, get into shape and so on

Here’s the deal: in life you either win or lose but you can never come up with excuses on why you lost. The win or the loss isn’t permanent. You’ve got people who win but suddenly lose everything because they made a big mistake. They’ll just claim that it was bad luck. I don’t believe in bad luck since bad luck didn’t make the choice.  You made the choice but you can’t live with the outcome. Loss is a part of life and you’ve got to learn from it. It’s useless if you didn’t learn a single thing from it. You’ll feel a great sense of peace if you learn and accept it. You can move on and it won’t occur again.

There are people who commit suicide because they can’t handle a loss. They’re afraid that other people will judge them. That’s just wrong but it happens all the time. But why are people so afraid a loss? It’s a learning process after all!

Excuses and our society

Most people can’t handle a failure themselves so they’ll project this feeling onto you. Parents call their children losers just because they’ve failed a test. It’s pretty sad but it happens a lot. The kids get conditioned from a young age on to make tons of excuses and they get away with it every single time. It’s weird but people actually believe excuses. Most of them even believe their own excuses which is even more painful since they’re not realistic anymore. Those people justify their own flaws with weird excuses and they’ll feel good about themselves.

Some people run for 5 minutes and stuff themselves full with junk food. They’ll assume that it’s okay because they’ve done some sport. In this way they’ll be fat for summer instead of fit for summer. Rationalizing your own excuses is some of the most dangerous things that you can do since you’ll be stuck in it. You’ll never achieve a single thing if you’ve fallen into this habit. It’s really all up to you.

Society is fond of excuses. I just tell people that they’re making excuses and that’s why some people really don’t like me. 

Their ego gets crushed but that’s something that they’ll need to learn. I learned this as well because I focused on reading book instead of chasing looks.

Excuses and the fact that you can’t have a new relationship

Most people split up and blame the other person for everything. They really sell tons of bullshit and make sure that they’re the good one. Just realize that you both made mistake before you hate on each other. So you’ll need to learn both a lesson. You’ll just end up dating the same people and end up having the same problems over and over again. Does it sound familiar? What about this sentence: you’re just like my ex! They’re basically saying that they didn’t learn anything from their previous relationship. So you either learn or you burn.

Excuses make sure that you fail before you’ve even tried it

There are a lot of people who come up with excuses before they even bought their gym membership. I’ve heard them all but my most favorite one was: I can train a lot this month but next month I’ll have less time so I don’t know if I’m going to make it. Excuses like this set you up for failure. The no time excuse is probably the most abused excuse there is. Most people want to feel important and it serves their ego as well. Yes you’ve heard it correctly, the no time excuse can be an ego bound excuse or a sign that something isn’t your priority. Some people claim that they’ve got no time because they’re mentally tired. They cancel plans with people but update their snapchat story with the fact that they’re watching television.

Excuses are a waste of time

Getting in shape is not that hard. You’re the one making it hard.

You can do this workout if you’re really that busy.

How can you be short in time? We’ve all got 24 hours in a day. Even the most successful people in the world have the same amount of time in a day. They are just using their time a lot better than most people. They don’t sleep more than they need to and you probably do.

Healthy cooking shouldn’t be that hard. Buy the 4 hour chef and you’ll realize that it’s pretty easy. You could also visit sweetmachinefitness.com for some quick and easy recipes.

Most people live a life full of endless excuses and they’re surprised that they can’t get anything done.

So what do we do? We stop the abuse of the lame excuse. Admit that you’ve fucked up, learn your lesson and move on. It’ll make life a lot more enjoyable.

Learn to deal with failure.

Embrace adversity.

Just do it.

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