Did you know that escapism can be labeled as a modern day disease? People have more distractions than ever so they try to escape pain by doing something that might be more enjoyable. Does it benefit these people? Not really but they could escape the pain for some time and that’s what it’s all about. Most people don’t realize that the cure for the pain is in the pain. So escapism is an act which most people do in they’re daily lives. They get into a vicious cycle of pain all because of their own actions. It’s easy to act like this since it takes you back into your comfort zone.

So escapism is a curse and you need to break the spell. You need to realize that there are other ways to solve problems. They won’t be easy but they’ll be worth it in the long run. There are really tons of ways to practice escapism so I’ll mention the most common ones. It was easy to write about this subject since I’ve done it as well. I was trying to escape my own reality and I made things a lot worse.

Escapism in a relation

A lot of people are in a bad relation but they’re not breaking up since they’re craving comfort. Those couples break up in the long run and it’s only matter of time. Trust me I’ve been in such a situation. Other couples go through a rough period they both try to escape reality in every way possible. Unhappiness makes you do dumb things that’s for sure. I’ve noticed that there’s a big difference between men and women when it comes to escapism. The end result is the same though except when they realize that they’re doing the wrong thing. That could save the whole relation if it’s worth saving.

Men and escapism

Men like to watch porn to escape the fact that they’re in a shitty relation. Porn is extremely dangerous since it’s highly addictive.  Porn is an escape route for most men and they don’t even realize it. They don’t want to fight once again so they’ll go sit in a dark room to jerk off behind a computer screen. You’re looking at two human beings (well two or more) having sex while you’re depressed. You might feel better on the short run but you’ll feel a lot worse in the long run. The fight will continue and you’ll watch more and more porn.

Can you guess who’ll be knocking at your door?

Knock knock. Who’s there? It’s divorce. Divorce who? Divorce from your wife.

Women and escapism

Most women are complaining that they’re not getting enough attention in a relation so they’ll go on dating apps. They do it to get attention but they don’t realize that they’re playing games with other people. So they get attention from multiple guys in a virtual way until one of these guys wants to meet up. They can’t say no forever so they’ll either have to convince that they’re in a relationship or cheat on their boyfriend/husband. People will know it eventually and they’ll stop trusting you. Once again: it sucks to be you but it’s all true.

Escapism when you’re single

Well you can write a whole book about this matter to be honest. Most single people can’t deal with the loneliness. They’ll do anything to be with others but they don’t want a relation as well. It’s a fucked up mindset which people have these days. So there are multiple ways to escape reality here.

  1. alcohol
  2. tons of parties
  3. fucking around (yes I mean fuck buddies, one night stands, friends with benefits and so on)
  4. all three is possible as well

It doesn’t matter which one of these 4 you do since in all ends in the same way. Tons of frustrating relationships that end after a short period of time. You’ll never be able to make somebody happy if you can’t make yourself happy. Most people don’t seem to get it but that’s how it is. Most people can’t enjoy a party sober so number one and two are linked to each other as well. The third option might sound interesting but you’ll suddenly introduce tons of drama into your own life. That’s the key difference between boys and men. Boys attract drama, men don’t.

Escapism and your job

Most people really hate their job so they stay home whenever they can. They would prefer to be home for weeks but boredom kicks in pretty soon. Can you guess what happens? They go back to work just out of misery. It’s pretty ironic since it’s a vicious circle as well. These people live for about 52 days a year instead of 365 days. They’re just looking to escape reality in every way possible.

Escapism, drugs and alcohol

I’m one of the few people that doesn’t drink alcohol anymore. Most people overdo it when it comes to alcohol ever single weekend and I’m not even talking about drugs. Most people use it to escape all their demons but these demons will catch up with them so they’ll need more and more. They’re addicted in no time and create more and more problems.

Escapism and social media

A lot of people spend tons of time on social media to battle loneliness and boredom but they reinforce this feeling instead of defeating it.  Social media make you miserable about your own life since you’re constantly glancing to others people’s photo shopped bodies or their perfect lives. It’s all fake but it makes people miserable nonetheless. They can’t separate the reality from the fake things and they live in a false reality. They try to create the same false feeling as well on their own social media accounts and get deeper into a dark hole. Some people laugh at me because they’re more popular than me on Instagram but what does it matter? I’ve got my life in check and they can’t get it in check because their egos don’t let them too.

The conclusion about escapism

I was a little bit verbose about this subject but most people don’t realize that they’re trying to escape something. The bottom line is that you’re trying to replace something unpleasant by something pleasant. The problem is that the pleasant things will reinforce the unpleasant thing after a while. Even suicide is a way of escapism you just can’t do it more than once. This is the worst form of escapism but you have to realize that this might become an option if you let things come too far.

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