Let’s talk about dumb and dumber here. It’s actually a common fact that most people don’t get any smarter after the age of 21. Some are lucky and evolve till the age of 23 but it all ends after that. I peaked at the age of 23 and have been evolving ever since (I’m 24 at the moment). Most people know that it’s coming. They know that they’re reaching their limits. So what do they do? They accept it. Almost everyone accepts the fact that they’re about to decline in their mental age. You can spot easily who’s going to face this. It’s easy to tell who will live like 16 year old in the body of a 40 year old.

So why did I choose the title dumb and dumber you ask? Because somehow there’s always someone who fucks up even more. There’s always that one person who can amaze you with his stupidity. It seems impossible until someone does it am I right.

Dumb and dumber and the age of 23

Jim Carrey stars in Dumb And Dumber but also in the number 23. But that’s not the reason why I took the age of 23. I picked this age for two reasons. People graduate somewhere along this age and I started living at the age of 23. You see most people die at the age of 23 but they don’t get buried until they blow out their last breath. Most people are waiting till the reaper pays them a visit. They wait for about 40 years to die. That’s sad isn’t it?

Most people accept the fact that will get dumb and dumber after their 23th birthday but I don’t. It’s bullshit since people mostly peak in their 30’s or they’re supposed to peak in their 30’s. Most people never peak and live a life that’s far beyond their own potential.

Dumb and dumber could be graduated from college or university

People always have the weird assumption that you’re smart as soon as you’ve got a degree. I beg to differ for one simple reason: the most successful people on earth don’t have a degree. You’re not always smart when you got a degree. It’s all made up by our society. Being school smart doesn’t mean that you’ve got a great mindset. Not everyone who doesn’t have a degree is smart as well. But the ones that I know are smart. It’s all about the law of attraction. But why do these people lose their abilities? Well there are multiple reasons but the first one is the most obvious one.

Dumb and dumber stop learning, evolving and so on

Most people stop learning as soon as they’re graduated. They link pain and misery to the learning process so they avoid it like the plague. They’re conditioned in a bad way but they’re to blind to see it. They learned something that they didn’t like at all but never took the time to learn something that they really liked. This enforces the fact that they will keep on hating the learning process. They just enroll in a job and only learn new stuff that involves their job. How can you expect to become smarter human being when you’re living like a freaking machine? Your mind is slowly put to sleep and you’ll feel cheated by life in no time. I know a lot of people who hate their job after just one day. The strange part is that they keep working there.

They feel miserable in no time. It’s so freaking strange but I get it. It’s the beauty of the comfort zone. But are you sure that it’s beautiful in there? How can you be sure when you’ve never been in the uncomfort zone? You’re in no man’s land and you’re waiting to die over there. You will always claim that the dessert is beautiful if you haven’t seen anything else. It’s a dead place. You’d have a different perspective if you’d seen Bora Bora. Nothing grows in the comfort zone so your mindset won’t improve there as well. You’re living in your own mental dessert. RIP since you’re getting dumb and dumber every single day.

Dumb and dumber are living in the dessert

So let’s go back to the graduation. They have the party of their lives and I can’t blame them. I partied as well when I finally beat my depression. They’ve escaped hell and enroll in a normal job. They work from 9 to 5 and hate getting up. They don’t kick start their day (read this blog post, it’s an eye opener). These people get mentally drained during these hours and go home exhausted. They come home and transform into couch potatoes. Now here there are multiple options.

  1. They drink tons of alcohol to escape their problems
  2. They watch the news to ease their mind
  3. Or they watch reality shows to ease their mind
  4. I forgot about the fact that most people are social media zombies.
  5. Oh and they watch the same movies and tv shows over and over again

It doesn’t matter what they do because they’re not evolving. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with a movie night now and then but this behavior will get you nowhere. You’re bored and I still don’t get how you’re able to pull that one off. You’ll be divorced in your mid- thirties and facing your midlife crisis in your mid- forties. How do I know you ask? I have a gift and that’s the fact that I can predict the future. It’s not hard to spot which couples are just staying together for some dumb reason. Your unhappiness will catch up with you and you won’t have the mindset to deal with it.

Dumb and dumber can’t handle problems

Have you ever met people when they’ve arrived from work? They complain to their significant other about the horrible boss and colleagues. So how many problems did they solve by complaining about these problems? You just wasted tons of time and you did nothing with it. Fix your problems or don’t complain at all. Just get out and find another job or hang in a bit longer, get out and go on a trip. People who can’t solve their modern day issues aren’t that smart. They constantly focus on the others instead of their selves.

You’ll never be able to solve problems if you’re not looking in the mirror. It’s hard to admit that you’ve got a problem but you’ll end up depressed if you don’t get it. Trust me I’ve been there. I constantly blamed others until I realized that only I could solve and remove my problems. Now I can’t even remember the last time that I’ve been involved in some kind of drama. This isn’t due to the fact that I’m an introvert but because I became a lot smarter. I just learned a lot in 2016 and I’m going to continue learning. It’s really addicting.

Dumb and dumber don’t want to do some exercise

Most people neglect the fact that they should exercise the mind but they don’t do anything about their body as well. I really learned a lot by doing bodybuilding but most people don’t want to do it. It requires a lot of effort and sweat off course. Most people don’t seem to get that you’ve only got one body and that you should take care of it. Get fit and don’t fall for the modern scams. It takes blood, sweat and tears to get a fit body. It’s easy to stay in shape as soon as you’re in shape. You’ll just have to give everything you got to get where you need to be.

You can say and argue what you want but nothing beats a fit body (with a great mindset). It’s easy: if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you do good. I’ve been out of shape once and I made sure that it never occurred again. Exercise your body and reap the benefits from it. Working out (or sports in general) is the best therapy there is. Martial arts count as working out as well. You don’t want to be the person that’s never in shape in his 20’s and even gets more out of shape as time progresses.

Maybe it’s just my delusional mind that doesn’t want to be normal that makes me think like this. Who knows but I like the end result. I don’t want to have a DAD bod, I rather work out. I still want to be active in my 60’s because I know that it’s possible.

Dumb and dumber just have to make the right decisions

You’ve got two options in life. You either do something great or you don’t and it’s all in your own hands. I can describe your life if you end up in the latter. You’ll be depressed by your 30 or 40’s. You’ll be out of shape and won’t get laid that often even if you’re still married. So you’ll be in a shitty marriage and divorce or stay in it. Another option is that you just keep on having one night stands till you’re older and ready to die. Do you really want to live like that? You might say yes now but you’ll say no as soon as you’re living that life.

Life without a purpose is no life at all. You’ll be mentally dead if you’re not fulfilling that potential. You’re just waiting to get buried. Most people hate waiting but they all wait for about 40 years. The irony.

Dumb and dumber actually doesn’t get dumber

Can you guess what happens? Your progress is stagnating at a certain point.  But you don’t get dumber overtime. You just come across as dumber when you’re meeting people who’re evolving every single day. You’ll even feel dumber when you’re meeting them. I remember a conversation that I had with someone recently. The guy laughed at me when I told him that I wanted to become 1% better every day. I told him that I wanted to beat yesterday and get that 1% advantage. He laughed even more and asked me why I even bothered trying it. He told me that he wouldn’t do it since he wanted to improve more.

There’s a thin line between something that you want and something that’s just unrealistic. He still didn’t get it but just do the math. I improve at a small pace but I do it every day. He doesn’t improve at all. So who’s a better person after one year? I improved for about 365% and he didn’t improve.

So it’s safe to say that I’m the overall winner and this winner will eat some chicken for dinner.

How about you?

I started living at the age of 23 but how about you? Will you follow the herd or will you stand out? Will you unleash your real potential? Start reading some books and your whole mindset will turn around. You’ll be alive again in no time. Maybe you should start with Meditations. This books contains so much wisdom. Check it out because you’re missing out on something.

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