I’m going to start an 11-day blogging challenge and I’m going to start tomorrow. It’s something which I came up with this morning well I was enjoying my cup of Joe’s. The idea is to release a blog post every day for a period of 11 days while I still able to live my life. You see writing 11 blog posts isn’t hard. That’s easy. I could just lock myself up, skip every training session for a week and boom I’ve got 11 blog posts in no time. But I’m going to make sure that there’s a balance between the 5 core areas of my life:

  • Health: mental, physical, emotional
  • Relationships: intimate, family, friends
  • Wealth: finances, career, education, business
  • Contribution: make an impact on the world
  • Spiritual: Connecting to a higher power of your spiritual beliefs.

I started the 11-day blogging challenge to prove a point.

I came up with this challenge after I realized that I would be working for 2 weeks straight at my normal job. Yes, even during weekends. So I was like I could do the same with my blog. I mean why not. I really like challenges.

The point of this whole challenge is to prove things to myself but also to others. You see I release 4 blogs a week for quite a while now and I got a bit comfortable. Aside from that my year didn’t turn out so great so far, to be honest. I had to face a lot of setbacks which took a toll on my emotional and overall wellbeing. But I survived since I’m a fighter and now I’m completely back. I turned my anger into fuel. Fuel to become better and do better as well (I’m going to devote a blog post to this matter). So what do I have to prove to others? Nothing right? Well, maybe I actually have something to prove.

I started the 11-day blogging challenge to prove a point.

So many people are a master at making excuses all the time about why they can’t do things. All those excuses will make sure that these people never grow. Their progress stagnates and it all goes downhill after that. They give up on the things that they really want. Family, friends or a relationship shouldn’t be an excuse on why you can’t achieve things. There’s no excuse good enough to make up for your lack of planning or time management. I’m not claiming that it’s always easy but I always get the job done and I’m just an average guy who represents hard work, determination and motivation. That’s it. I’m just too lazy to come up with excuses. I just do what I have to do.

What happens when the blogging challenge ends?

Well, I hope that you’re motivated to tackle some goals that you didn’t try before. After that, I’ll go back to 4 blogs a week. You can follow the whole journey on snapchat and Instagram (both are linked below). I’ll also take a subscription at a shelter for dogs in a city close to me. I used to go there quite often and I’m going to pick that up again. But first I’ve got a challenge to crush. I’m seriously looking forward to it. I just love to prove myself right and the haters wrong.

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