Be curious not judgmental. It’s a simple quote by Walt Whitman but so many people don’t seem to get it. They’re part of the herd and the herd is pretty judgmental. Those people are the so called experts and can’t see the world from another perspective. Oh the “normal people” entertain me every time they speak or share their expertise. Those people wouldn’t even get the real meaning behind this quote. It means that you should be open minded instead of close minded. Still so many people are the latter. Let’s see how this can wreck your whole life and sometimes the life of others.

Be curious not judgmental

I once wrote a blog post about the fact that you should approach life like a martial art. This basically meant that you should approach everything like a white belt. You should be curious and open to learn new things. So many people claim that things are impossible or that a certain person can’t achieve something. Dream killers are extremely egocentric people. They assume that they know everything. They’ve got it all figured out. Well that’s their perception off course. It’s a sign that thier thinking is ego bound and a sign of stupidity as well. Let me share you a quote from one of the smartest people that ever walked this earth.

“The only thing I know is that I know nothing, and I am not quite sure that I know that.” Aristotle

He was so smart and he still claimed that he knew nothing. Now that’s a sign of intelligence. He questions his own knowledge and that’s why he’s able to learn new things in life. You’re basically acting like a little kid. I’ve never seen a judgmental kid in my entire life so the comparison sounds right.

Be curious not judgmental: let’s label everything

People like to put labels on things that they can’t comprehend. They’re not curious but they’re judgmental. Let me give you some easy examples.

College drop outs are losers with no goal in life.

MMA fighters are dumb meatheads.

A young guy with a lot of money has to have rich parents or has done some illegal stuff.

Someone who plays videogames has to be a nerd and a loser.

It’s easy to judge people. We all do it and some do it more than others. Why don’t you try to be curious? Just go up to them and ask them how they do it or why they made a certain choice. It might change your whole perception on a certain matter.

Sometimes you should be more patient. Like when a person in a store is working slow. It might be frustrating but maybe that person is having a bad day? Tons of troubles? Who are you to judge someone else? Have you never worked slowly?  Never had a bad day? Have you even work hard in your life? Do you have the assumingness to place yourself above another human being? That’s just sick adn extremely arrogant! Get your ego in check.

Be curious not judgmental: how you see the world

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.- Muhammad Ali

Most people get dumb and dumber at the age of 23. There are multiple reasons behind this phenomenon but those people are judgmental for sure. I know a guy and he hasn’t changed a bit since he was 16. His whole way of thinking is still the same.

There was a time where I was judgmental as well and my whole thinking stagnated big time. But it all changed when I stared working on my mindset. I’m enjoying nature a lot more now and I certainly enjoy the little things. 2 weeks ago I was walking past the St Peter’s Abbey in Ghent (just Google it). I suddenly noticed how beautiful it actually was. Pretty crazy isn’t it? I walked past it so many times but it was the first time that I noticed it. I assume that I just took it for granted like most people.

Be curious not judgmental when you read this blog

Most people don’t get the most of this blog because they’re judgmental. They assume that I’m writing bullshit. I said it before and I’m saying it once again: be open minded or you’ll live a closed life. You can nag hours about the fact that I made a grammar or spelling mistake but that means that your focus is on the wrong things. It’s easy to bitch about the mistakes of others but it’s a lot harder to comprehend others.

Be curious not judgmental. Life starts just outside of your comfort zone.

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