I’ll never forget the first thing I heard about college life. Most people were talking about all the parties, the excessive booze and all the other things that they did. But they told me one thing that really stood out to me. They told me that this would be the best period of my life and that I should make the most out of it. Those guys claimed that real life is pretty boring and starts as soon as you leave college. They all would eagerly go back to college just to do it one more time. Unhappiness makes people do crazy dumb shit and those guys were the prime example of it.

College life is extremely overrated. I’m not kidding.

Can you guess why I’m so skeptical about their claims? It’s because you’re 3 years in college, maybe 4 at tops. So what happens after that? You’re in the prime of your life when you get out of college.  You’re still alive for another 50 years (if everything goes well of course). I can’t imagine that there isn’t a moment that tops the college life in general. I would have used my time and money in a wrong way if this was the case for me. It was fun but I wouldn’t call it the best period of my life. The best is yet to come!

College life is extremely overrated.

Most people just like that period so much because they had way too much freedom. You’re basically allowed to do whatever you want. I’ve seen guys who went out at night and came drunk to class the next day because they hadn’t slept. Those people act are pretty happy in their comfort zone.

But after college they get a real job, a “serious” relationship and so on. They suddenly feel stuck and constantly look back at the past, which is pretty depressing by the way. They’re not craving for the college life. They’re craving for freedom. They just don’t realize it yet or never realize it at all, which is possible as well of course. Those people want to act like their no limit. They want to ball like most rappers and bang like Hugh Hefner. Those guys are clearly facing a midlife which is extremely stupid if you ask me. I’d rather still be married by the time I reach the age where I should get a midlife crisis. 

College life and the inevitable midlife crisis

People who face a midlife crisis act really dumb. They basically act like little boys. They cheat on their wives, buy a motorcycle and so on. Can you guess how it ends? They all regret it. Your actions have consequences so you better think things true. People who face midlife crises often just realize that they’re mortal and they haven’t lived to their full potential. The strange thing is that they degrade themselves instead of living up to their full potential.

College life: use your time wisely

You’ll never have as much free time as you got in college so why don’t you use it wisely? I used it wisely in my last year (before the inevitable drop out). Work on something that you really want to do (like a blog) or learn something new. You can still party from time to time. Moderation is the key here. Oh and one more thing. Don’t chase girls, it’s a waste of time. You can invest your time more wisely.

In conclusion: work hard, spend your time smart and you’ll have a headstart. College life, it’s completely overrated.

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