Did you ever try to change your life? A lot of people ask me how I changed my life and how long it took. Well pain made sure that I had to rethink my whole life. There’s no secret or a hack here. Just intense pain and the fact that I reached a point where it was enough. Most people learn to live with the pain. There’s something seriously wrong when you’re having a burn out. That isn’t natural but it occurs more and more these days. My grandfather doesn’t even know what it is. It didn’t occur when he was younger. So people pop pills and claim that they feel better. But how can you feel better? Your body and mind gave you a sign that something had to change and you didn’t change anything. You just looked for some prescription drugs.

Can you guess what you did? You just tried to take the quick fix and it may work in the short run but it’ll fuck you up in the long run.

The doctors’ visit and the big change

I still remember my doctors’ visit after my second burnout. I was sitting there with high fever and an extremely high blood pressure. The doctor asked me if everything was alright and I said that I was fine. I actually wasn’t but I didn’t want to take prescription pills. The doctor believed me and I was good to go. I only had to take some pills to control my heart rate. Most people would gladly accept the pills and just go back to their miserable lives. It’s all a form of escapism.

Change and the quick fix mentality

I hate to break it to you but change doesn’t happen overnight. It never did. It takes a lot of time and it will differ for everybody. So it might take months but it might take years as well. It takes as long as it takes. You’ll be back to square one as soon as you stop working. You’ll nag like a little bitch that nothing worked but you didn’t even put in the work. There are a lot of people who claim that they changed their whole life. I smell bullshit as soon as I hear that one single sentence. I changed means that they’re playing an act to please you. They’re convincing their selves that they really changed but in reality they didn’t. The act will get exposed overtime and that’s when you need to watch out for these people.

They’ll try to do it over and over again.

Diet, exercise and change

A lot of people are overweight or out of shape these days. They’re all looking for the golden diet or the golden pill that’ll melt of the body fat. They all lose some weight but end the diet after 3 weeks because they’ve followed a diet long enough. Getting in shape takes a lot of time and work. But you’ll feel great as soon as you get beyond a certain point. You’ll suck at every sport in the beginning. Running is far from fun if you’re out of shape but it’ll be if you hang in there. The same goes for fitness and all the other sports. You’ll feel great and look great eventually.

Eating healthy is another thing that takes time. You’ll need to learn how to make it healthy and delicious. You don’t need to eat chicken and rice all day. That’s bullshit that has been sold by bodybuilding magazines. If you eat right you feel right. If you eat crap you’ll look and feel like crap. Believe it or not but you’ll avoid cheat meals overtime because you’ll feel bad afterwards. You’ll feel sluggish and tired. That’s a sign that you’re on the right path. Don’t quit after dieting for 2 weeks.

You’ll gain everything back or even more and I’m pretty sure that you wanted to lose weight instead of gain some.

So how do I notice change Alex?

Well you notice it in how people commit to something. They’ll probably never change if they’re quitting after a short amount of time. Another big factor is if they don’t talk about it. Those people are just focusing on what they have to do and keep on doing it. They’ll never use some lame excuse to rationalize their own lazy behavior. You’ll just notice a whole shift in behavior and mindset. The cool thing is that they probably won’t even realize it. They’ll claim that they’re still the same person but they’re not. Those people really changed and those are the ones that you should keep around.

So what if they didn’t change?

Did you ever try to change your life? A lot of people ask me how I changed my life and how long it took. It didn't happen overnight I can tell you that.Everybody deserves a second chance and I always meet people with an open mind. They really could have changed but I’m aware that they could play and act as well. It’ll take time before the act gets exposed but you’ll have to be bold when this happens. Two strikes and they’re out. I just make sure that they’re not able to contact me again. Some people call me a jerk when I do it like this but its better this way. Some people will keep on returning and use you till you hit rock bottom or take action. I get rid of them on Facebook, delete numbers and so on. Life’s a lot easier when you can spot incoming drama from a mile away.

The choice is yours.

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