Do you have a boring job? You do? You’re not alone. Tons of people hate their job, some just don’t realize that they hate it. They’re mentally exhaused but have not clue how this happened. Don’t worry I’ve got a boring job as well. I have to do the same things over and over again. But I’m able to make time fly by while others can’t. They act like little bitches because they’re part of the pussy generation. Most of them don’t enjoy the process and act like little children. It’s strange to see how people really get dumber day by day. Well it’s not that strange to be honest since I devoted a blog post to this matter.

But I guess that you’re eagerly waiting till I share my secret on how to make time fly by. Let’s dive into the blog post before you’re doing a form of escapism.

Boring job? You make it boring

You might be surprised on how you’re making yourself miserable all day long. You have to kickstart your day the right way in order to make time fly by. So you can’t make a job more enjoyable by complaining all the time. You’re programming your mind for a long and boring day. Yes you’ve read it correctly you’re the one to blame no matter how boring the job is since you always can get out. So you need to stop complaining about your job since it’s all a matter of perception. I guess that we’re able to agree on that one.

But there’s more. Most people start doing a task and check the clock every now and then. Well mostly all the time so how can you expect time to fly by? It won’t happen since you’re not working hard. You need to work hard in order to make time fly by. It’s really weird that most people just cant’ get it. You need to create a flow and be present in the moment in order to make time fly by. You do it by working instead of glancing at the clock every 10 seconds. Nothing more and nothing less.

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