Let’s talk about the best motivational speech that I ever heard. A lot of people are a big fan of motivational speeches these days. The speeches fire them up but they all wait for the perfect moment to use this energy. There’s no such thing as the perfect Monday but keep on looking. You’ll just find frustration and misery if you’re taking that road. But I guess that you’re here to find out which motivational speech is the best? Or at least the best in my opinion? It’s not a long one. Great isn’t it? The speech contained two simple words. These two words really enlighted a fire inside of me. Well, it was already there but somebody made it even bigger. That guy made one mistake. He told me the following two words: YOU CAN’T.

The best motivational speech that I ever heard.

Man, I laughed so hard when this guy told me this. This guy was just projecting his own insecurities onto me. That’s what most insecure people do. They want to keep others down to their own level. So they discourage others to improve themselves. Dream killers are egocentric people and they don’t even realize it. I mostly don’t waste a lot of time on these people. Those people became dumber overtime but they can’t improve because there’s something blocking their own potential. It’s their own ego. Stupidity + ego = a dangerous cocktail without self- improvement.

The best motivational speech that I ever heard. I don’t get it.

Some people will claim that it’s far from the best motivational speech that they ever heard but I get why. Some people really get discouraged when they hear that they shouldn’t try something. But that’s just stupid. Because you decide to stop pursuing something which you really like. You stop because your opinion is based on those of others and that’s pretty damn sad. I have one simple question for you: who’s going to believe in you if you don’t even believe in yourself? Nobody! So learn to master the art of not giving a fuck and turn the “I can’t” into an “I can”!


A fun story to end this blog: the sequel of the motivational speech

So the guy told me that I couldn’t do multiple things. At first, I laughed and then I told him something which he laughed at. I told him “watch me”. So I got to work and he waited until I failed. He laughed at every single setback that I had and told me to throw in the towel. He didn’t realize that I see failure as an opportunity to learn. So over time he waited and waited and I kept him waiting. Eventually, he got bitter and I got better. We’re even at a point where he’s avoiding me now. Funny how things turn out if you don’t want to quit.

Your brain really is the most powerful supplement on earth. So turn that I can’t into I can. It’s all on your shoulders you from now on.

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