Do you like to eat a pancake from time to time? Well you’re not the only one but pancakes contain a lot of sugar. Well at least the ones that you buy in the supermarket. The ones that you’re making yourself are healthier but still not that healthy. Most flour contains gluten and there are more and more people who’re intolerant to gluten (this includes me). So you could use sorghum flour or coconut flour but I’ve got a better and tastier alternativee. I found this pancake recipe years ago and I experimented with it ever since. Note that I don’t add protein powder to the recipe but you’re free to do it (read my supplement guide before you buy some). The recipe is tasteful on it’s own. It’s delicious, easy to make and addictive. Are you ready to go bananas?

The banana pancake recipe

You don’t need that much ingredients for the pancake recipe. You’ll need (all links are affiliate):

Ready to go bananas with these easy recipe?

  1.  First of all, ake a bowl and mash the banana
  2.  Add 3 whole eggs and mix really well
  3.  (optional): add some peanut butter (I usually do 2 tablespoons) and mix it in
  4.  Add butter to a non stick cooking pan (I set the fire at medium temperature)
  5.  Add the pancake batter to the pan (you could add it all at once or in multiple times)
  6. Flip as soon as the bottom is golden brown (doesn’t take that long but I’m sure that you know how to make a pancake)
  7. Bake the other half and put it on a plate
  8. Directly add the dark chocolate so that it’ll melt on top
  9. Add some berrries, strawberries and honey
  10. Enjoy your banana pancake with a cup of coffee. They taste great due to all the different flavors.

I don’t always add peanut butter. Sometimes I’ll add some nuts on the side. Wait Alex didn’t you write a post “eating nuts? Are you completely nuts?” Yes I did but are you going to take the clickbait? In conclusion: you’ll have to read the post to avoid confussion.

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