Can you guess the definition of an alpha male? I’m pretty curious about what most people’s definition would be. Maybe they’ll claim that the biggest guy in the room is the alpha. Others might claim that the strongest or the most aggressive guy might be the alpha. Maybe it’s the guy with the highest testosterone levels. But do all those traits really make somebody alpha? Most traits are either based on looks or aggression. That doesn’t sound right if you ask me and I didn’t even start about the self- proclaimed alpha males. I actually wonder if women would give a better definition of what an alpha male would be.

Apparently, some do. I stumbled across a blog post that was called:  Bring Back the Alpha Male! (A Man Who Knows What He Wants and Goes For It). I initially wasn’t going to read it since I assumed that it was written by another guy who shares the same dumb stuff like the other “alpha bloggers”. This blog was written by a woman called Erica. I suggest you check it out (read it here). It’s really great. Her blog has a lot of great content, to be honest.

Anyway, I don’t like the term and here’s why.

Why I actually dislike the term alpha male.

A friend of mine called me mister Alpha once. I liked the name so I stuck with it as a joke. You see I don’t like the term because so many guys use it to their own advantage. Most guys just act really dumb still claim to be alpha. Many people seem to approve it as well. “Then you hear stuff like: that guy is really big and scores women all the time. He’s the real deal. He’s an alpha.” There nothing alpha about being big and there’s nothing alpha about scoring women all the time. Guys who act like this have almost nothing to offer.

I challenge you to talk with those guys about how they feel. None of them will be able to do it. They’ll laugh at you, mock you (stuff like: you’re not a pussy are you?) or just avoid it altogether. It’s an act and it’s an act that doesn’t lead to happiness in life. Those people are mostly extremely unhappy and unfulfilled. those are the ones who do all kinds of crazy stuff just out of unhappiness. Stuff like drugs, excessive alcohol, chasing women

The most read post on this blog is the about the fact that you should stop chasing girls. The most used search term is something in the line of “should I stop chasing”. Can’t be a coincidence, can it?

A new variation of the term alpha male.

After a while, I came up with the term ‘Alpha gentleman’. You basically take all the combine a Viking and a gentleman and that’s how you get the Alpha gentleman. Why a Viking and a gentleman you ask? Because I combine the best of the 2. I devoted a whole chapter on this in my book. It’s a complete dating guide and it’s not the mumbo-jumbo which the pick-up artists tell you. Buy the book here.

I’ll give you a little sneak peek for free. The Alpha gentleman dates one woman, yes one, and puts all his effort into her. You can’t date multiple women at the same time and expect to have a great relationship with them. You won’t take the dates serious because at the end of the day it’s just another date. So to all the guys who assume that the Alpha gentleman scores women all the time: please go search for another blog and don’t spend money on my book. You’ll never like it.

But what does it take to be a real man?

I think that a real man is true to himself. He knows what he wants and does everything to get it. But you’ll never be true if you’re not able to be vulnerable or cry. Yes, you’ve read it correctly I’m talking about the F-bomb. I’m talking about feelings. The Vikings were able to talk about their feelings so why can’t you? Those guys were as tough as they came. So stop pretending that you’re okay and start the quest to be true to yourself.  The guy who’s true to himself and trains MMA is as much of a man as the one who’s true to himself and dances. Or as I like to say it: Do what you love, love what you do but always be true to you.

That’s all folks.

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